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How to Get Your House Ready for New Carpet Installation

Oct 28

From fading fibers to that musty old carpet smell you can't seem to get rid of, there are many reasons to replace your old carpets and start new with a rug that fits your lifestyle. But first, you must prepare your house for a day of construction before your vinyl flooring company makes the significant adjustment. Utilize these nine suggestions to help your carpet installation personnel while safeguarding your home during the project.


  1. The first step is thoroughly cleaning the space where the new carpet will lay the new rug. This entails getting rid of all furniture, decorations, and other obstructions. Next, make arrangements for assistance moving any major furniture pieces if necessary.


Is the room next door home to a grand piano? There is a grandfather clock in the hallway. Cover any delicate items with a sheet or drop cloth before installation starts if you can't shut the doors to the adjacent spaces. It is advisable to exercise caution with valuables close by because installing new flooring and carpet creates a lot of dust.


It is the same as putting carpet near the kitchen in a living room in a house with an open floor plan. Place any food items in the refrigerator or cabinets before you start working.


  1. Set Up the Room: You'll need to undertake some preliminary work after the vacant room. This can entail filling in any holes in the wall, smoothing down any rough edges, and removing any stains or smudges. In addition, you should be careful to clean up any old padding and dirt from the floor because the carpet installer will probably need to lay down a new layer of cushioning.


  1. Remove Doors: You must remove any doors in the room where you will install your new carpet before the technicians show up. By doing this, they can lay the carpet down more efficiently and prevent any harm to the doors.


  1. Protect Your Floors: After the space has been prepared and the doors have been removed, it is time to begin safeguarding your floors. Spread out plastic sheeting or tarps to capture any dirt, dust, or debris that may fall during the installation procedure.


  1. Make a Path: To make everything more straightforward for everyone concerned, make a path that leads into the space where the carpet will be put down. This will provide the workers with a direct way to take and help them stay safe.


  1. Keep Children and Pets Away: It is preferable to keep young children and pets away from the installation area if you have them. Since there will be a lot of activity and commotion, children and animals may find it stressful. For their safety, it's also crucial to keep kids away from the area because there will be sharp objects and materials.


  1. Be Prepared to Vacuum: After the installation, you must carefully vacuum the area to remove any remaining dirt or debris. Although your carpet installation will probably do the final vacuuming, it's always a good idea to be ready.


  1. Set Up for Furniture: Be cautious about moving furniture slowly and carefully if you intend to return it to the space after installation. It's better to move heavy furniture if possible because dragging it across freshly laid carpet might harm the fibers.


  1. Think About the Future: Your carpet installation company will most likely give detailed instructions on what to do—and, more importantly, what not to do—after installation. However, most experts recommend avoiding your carpet for at least 24 hours to give the adhesive time to set. This includes moving furniture, so choose a temporary location for your couch for at least a day.

You won't have to stress too much about that as it relates to the installation of your new carpet. Before beginning the work, Vinyl Flooring & Beyond will ensure that your home is tidy and ready, and they'll make sure to leave it in better shape than when they arrived. By ensuring that our employees are covered by insurance and a bond, we also assume responsibility for your safety. While we work, you can unwind knowing that your house is in capable hands. For your carpet installation, call us right away!